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Project goal

This project is a simple application which launches NUnit-Console on your Windows Phone unit tests every time you build, using a SilverLight version of NUnit. The output is then colored for better readability: Green bar if success, Red bar if failure.

The goal of this project is to help me and other developers to use TDD with Visual Studio Express for Windows Phone, since there are many obstacles:
  • No test project included
  • Solutions embedding unit tests in a dedicated Windows Phone application is not compatible with TDD (too slow)
  • No support for add-ins (to run tests from within IDE)
  • Encountered a bug in NUnit Gui
  • Direct NUnit-Console usage isn't user-friendly

I also want a better solution for Coding Dojo, like AutoTest with red/green plugin in Ruby.

Other solutions include Gallio test runner and AutoTest.Net.

First step: the simplest solution to create your Unit Tests in Visual Studio Express for Windows Phone

  1. Create a library project
  2. Add a reference to a Silverlight 3 compiled test framework
  3. Make all references "local copy", even for the .NET framework

Second step: use TddBarForPhone to trigger your tests on build and color the results

  • TddBarForPhone.exe <nunit-console full path> <tests dll>



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